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MPS List Cleaners

All these companies offer MPS cleansing services.

Occam Direct Marketing
The Stables
Manor Farm

Contact: Mr Chris Last
Tel: 01761 417145
Email: chris.last@occam-dm.com
Web: www.occam-dm.com

Occam is a leading provider of data based solutions to commercial organistaions amd charities. We specialise in maipulating and analysing large volumes of data and developing a data strategy for reaching existing and new markets. A large part of Occam\\\\\\\'s success is based on data hygiene, stragetic analysis, database development, list broking and list management.

RAPP Limited
Bankside Building 2
90 Southwark Street

Contact: Ms Cindy Hillier
Tel: 01342 336358
Email: cindy.hillier@uk.rapp.com
Web: www.uk.rapp.com

RAPP Ltd is a leader in the supply of customer management solutions and mailing services to the marketing communities of Europe and the U.S.A.

Call Credit Marketing Ltd
One Park Lane

Contact: Ms Lauren McGillicuddy
Tel: 0113 242 4747
Email: lauren.mcgillicuddy@callcreditgroup.com
Web: www.callcredit.co.uk

Callcredit Marketing Solutions is a leading provider of B2C data cleansing and enhancement solutions providing an online tool for clients who wish to manage their own data hygiene (www.improvemydata.com) as well as a bureau service for those who do not have the time or resource. We provide access to the complete range of industry datasets for data cleaning, screening and suppression including MPS, TPS, Baby MPS, PAF, OSIS, NCOA, GAS, GAS Reactive, Purity, Xpression, MORTASCREEN and TBR.

Direct Select (192) Limited trading as UKChanges
Grand Union House
Budbrooke Road
CV34 5AR

Contact: Mike Fox
Tel: 01926 626 300
Email: mike.fox@ukchanges.com
Web: www.ukchanges.com

UKChanges helps companies to stay legal, minimise wastage, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their direct marketing. Offering traditional bureau facilities and fully automated online services, UKChanges provides access to the most current and accurate telephone numbers, address information, suppression files and preference service registers. Datasets include TPS, FPS, MPS, BT OSIS, PAF, NCOA, GAS, The Bereavement Register, The Deceased Register, Mortascreen & NSF.

DST Applied Analytics Limited
Park House
16-18 Finsbury Circus

Contact: Mr Chris Parkinson
Tel: 020 7601 6270
Email: CParkinson@thegigatdst.com
Web: www.lateralgroup.co.uk

REaD Group (Solutions) Limited
7th Floor
New London Bridge House
25 London Bridge Street

Contact: Mr Simon Wright
Tel: 0207 089 6400
Email: simon.wright@readgroup.co.uk
Web: www.meta-morphix.com

Provision of data maximisation i.e. name and address enhancement, deduplication, gone away and mortality screening including NSF, data fishing, access, predictive and descriptive analysis.

Marketing File Ltd
8 Arlington Court
Whittle Way
Arlington Business Park

Contact: Tim Wise Director
Tel: 01462 437 733
Email: info@marketingfile.com
Web: www.MarketingFile.com

We have a number of services to suit the way you work. NumberCheck enables you to check numbers individually, great for those ad-hoc calls we make every day. Checks cost 1p and a subscription can be shared. NumberCheck for Intranet gives you a secure link that your whole organisation can use and removes the need to login each session. Our plug-in for Microsoft Excel enables you to perform small batch TPS cleaning. You can also build NumberCheck into your CRM or contact management systems.

Communisis PLC
Ai House
Holbrooke Place
Hill Rise
TW10 6UD

Contact: Vivienne Mayers
Tel: 0208-6147333
Email: Vivienne.Mayers@communisis.com;adam.patrick@communisis.com
Web: www.aidataintelligence.com

Newhall Publishing Ltd
Newhall Lane
CH47 4BQ

Contact: Peter Stanley
Tel: 0151 632 7619
Email: Peter@corecontact.co.uk
Web: www.corecontact.co.uk

Core Contact is a professional, dynamic and highly innovative company that has built a market leading reputation as a specialist in developing comprehensive telemarketing, subscription management, data & fulfilment solutions for a wide range of clients in both the business to business (B2B) & business to consumer (B2C) markets.

Data Response Ability Ltd

Contact: Mr Phil Conacher

DM Print Ltd
Digital House
Royd Way
West Yorkshire
BD21 3LG

Contact: Noelinne McColgan
Tel: 01535 683444
Email: noelienne.mccolgan@doingmore.co.uk
Web: www.dmprint.co.uk

DM Print Ltd specialises in complex Data Processing and small, complex daily mailings. As well as MPS, we can screen against over 4.5 million deceased names and 12 million gone away names. We offer a full range of fulfilment services including database management, deduplication, mailsort, lasering and mailing.

Greenstone data Soloutions
1 East Court
South Park Business Villlage
ME15 6JF

Contact: Jon Hinkley
Tel: 01622 754 477
Email: jhinkley@gdsidm.com
Web: www.gdsidm.com

Tracesmart Ltd
Global Reach
Dunleavy Drive
CF11 0SN

Contact: Mr Matthew Crowley
Tel: 02920 678 549
Email: matthew.crowley@tracesmart.co.uk
Web: www.tracesmartcorporate.co.uk/data-cleansing/

Tracesmart offers a range of unique data cleansing solutions to cleanse, enhance, profile, suppress and validate your consumer database. We offer a wide range of data cleansing services including PAF cleansing, Electoral Roll residency verification, telephone number appending, TPS screening, MPS screening, gone away suppression, deceased suppression, date of birth appending, sanction screening, PEP screening and customer tracing through Royal Mail NCOA and other tracing databases.

Experian Ltd
Landmark House
Experian Way
NG2 Business Park
NG80 1ZZ

Contact: Izabella Jagiello
Tel: 0115 968 5005
Email: marketing.services@experian.com
Web: www.uk.experian.com

Experian is the leading provider of marketing services in the UK and specialises in helping our clients recruit and retain profitable customers. Experians data management services combine over two decades of experience in managing and manipulating vast amounts of marketing data, leading edge technology, processing power and unrivaled data resources.

HelpIT systems
Swan House
24 Bridge Street
KT22 8BX

Contact: Graham Clark
Tel: 01372 360070
Email: sales@helpit.co.uk
Web: www.helpit.com

helpIT systems are the acknowledged experts in deduplication, data cleansing and address management software. The matchIT suite is the industry leading batch solution for PC, used by some 700 companies worldwide. findIT is a suite of data hygiene components for integration within enterprise application for CRM, data warehousing and business intelligence.

Acxiom Ltd

Contact: Mr Simon Roach
Email: simon.roach@acxiom.com

GB Group Plc
Kingsfield Court
Chester Business Park

Contact: Mr David Carter
Tel: 01244657333/David Mo
Email: david.carter@gbgplc.com;gbg@compleat-einvoicing.com

Data8 Ltd
Unit 4
Venture Point
Stanney Mill Road

Contact: Ms Emmy Lippold
Tel: 0151 3554555
Email: info@data-8.co.uk
Web: www.data-8.co.uk

id Data Management Ltd
The Joiners Shop
Historic Dockyard

Contact: Ms Ann McCaffrey
Tel: 01634 816024
Email: ann.mccaffrey@id-dm.com
Web: www.id-dm.com